Trinity Congregational Chapel Brixton

Photographic Exhibition

I Adrian WrightThe Members and friends at Trinity Congregational Chapel have found ways of keeping connected with one another at a time of crisis. Over short distances and distances of thousands of miles people have been writing to one another, sending emails and writing up their isolation diaries as well as sending images, recording their daily walks and reflections. This led me to think about creating an online exhibition. Isolation and social distancing have meant very different things to different people. Some photographers found themselves on a very long leash, while others are on an incredible tight rein. So, depending on our circumstances, people have, so far, found ways of adapting to their circumstances. The exhibition which follows will grow, as more images are taken, and will also no doubt change over time.

Isolation Daze

Wimbledon Common 1 John Jelinek 2020

Wimbledon Common 2 by John Jelinek 2020

Isolation under the stars.

Tilbury Docks by night 1 Adrian Wright

Tilbury Docks by night 2 Adrian Wright

Solitary in the Field

Ragged Top by MWG

The Mortuary Chapel by MWG

The Fortress Church, Atotonilco, Mexico by MGM.

Cholla Hill by MGM

Isolated but not alone.

Sunlight in the chapel

Sunlight in the chapel by JG.

Vinny Jones by JG.

Trinity Hall by JG